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Many office visits including Neurotoxins (Botox), Fillers, IM Injections, and MedSpa Services can be booked online! Scroll down to view our current availability.

When scheduling your online appointment, please ensure you are picking the appointment type that matches the treatments and/or procedures you desire. Please be advised that if you have picked a Neurotoxin Only Appointment we cannot accommodate additional treatments such as Fillers, PRF, etc. Full Body Exams will need to be scheduled independently from Neurotoxin or Filler Appointments.

Interested in scheduling a Liquid Rhinoplasty or under-eye filler?  Please contact our office at 315-299-5313 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Armenta!

To schedule a Surgical Consultation with Dr. DeRoberts or Dr. Armenta please call (315) 930-4354 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Just call our office at (315) 299-5313, or use the contact form on this page. Syracuse Plastic Surgery, Syracuse is located at 3107 East Genesee Street, Syracuse NY.

Patients may text 315-291-8043 to reach our office.