Hydra Needling Facial

Neurotoxin or Dermal Filler

$$50000per treatment

Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler

$65000per treatment

Additional Area

30000per area

24 karat gold needles smaller than a hair follicle create tiny open surfaces in the skin to deliver an anti-aging and skin refining treatment deep into the dermis. The treatment can be used on the face, hands, neck, or chest.

The skin is cleansed and numbed topically. The chosen mixture is applied using the hydraneedle device. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes. Pinpoint bleeding, slight swelling, and minimal redness may occur, but usually there is no downtime or recovery period. Results are seen within 3 to 7 days and typically last 3 to 4 months. Procedures can be done as often as 1 to 3 months to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

This procedure does not replace normal neurotoxin or filler treatments. Ask about combining these treatments to enhance your results!

Treatment Benefits

  • Reduce the appearance of pores and increase luminosity of the skin with micro neurotoxin
  • Smooth and plump fine lines
  • Improve crepiness and superficial acne scarring with dermal hyaluronic gel
  • Enhance laser treatments with growth factors
  • Brighten skin with micro-pigment reducers

Hydraneedle Add-ons

  • Additional Neurotoxin (10 units): $100.00
  • PRF: $300.00