Meet Dr. Armenta

Dr. Armenta is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He attended a six year combination undergraduate/medical school at the prestigious University of Antioquia and he also completed an Internship at The University Saint Vincent Hospital.

After completing his Internship, he worked as a solo medical practitioner in the isolated Andes Mountains of Colombia where he practiced all aspects of medicine and surgery including labor and delivery and C-sections with just one nurse assistant. These experiences earned him the expertise and self confidence to diagnose and treat all medical conditions and also to utilize conscious sedation and local anesthesia which he has carried forward throughout his career in administering such anesthesia in his operating room even now.

His surgical training in America started at a Cleveland clinic associated hospital and from there continued with 3 years of surgery training at The University of Rochester. During his time at Strong Memorial he taught himself microvascular surgery in the Strong Memorial surgical lab. His own dedication and talent lead him to perform the first ever finger replantation in Upstate New York. From U of R he accepted into Upstate University Hospital 2 year Plastic Surgery Speciality where he was Chief Resident and worked with 12 different plastic Surgeons.

His natural affinity for art and invention lead him to hand carve custom cheek silicone implants for several patients. His technique was published in the Plastic Surgery literature for the first time. On the heels of that, 3 other Plastic surgery research inventions have been presented by him at both National and International Plastic Surgery meetings.

He has been a local pioneer in the area of Breast Cancer Reconstruction with the idea of converting reconstruction from a two step surgical procedure to a one step procedure when other surgeons doubted that it could be successful. Today this has become a common procedure in many places, simplifying the recovery for many females who are already enduring very worrisome times.

Over the years Dr. Armenta has helped thousands of CNY families who are victims of accidents, cancer or other misfortune often even when he has not been “on call”. Furthermore, his cosmetic surgery skills have helped thousands of others to feel better about themselves both physically and emotionally.

He is now joining Dr. Dean DeRoberts and will compliment the full spectrum of plastic surgery services already offered. He will be able to dedicate himself to what he likes and does best. Undoubtedly, many have chosen him as their surgeon after seeing his numerous artistic paintings as one summarized “let his artistry do the talking”.

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