53-year-old patient had a facelift and chin implant by Dr. Armenta. Click here for more details
72-year-old woman, standard facelift by Dr. Armenta. She wanted to look more like she felt. Her results met her goal and she felt refreshed and...Click here for more details
55-year-old patient concerned with looking old. She had a standard facelift which gave her the youthful look she was hoping for....Click here for more details
53-year-old patient had a standard facelift. She was unhappy with her sagging neck and her aging face. During her 1 mo post-op visit, she shared with Dr. Armenta that her ID was refused at her...Click here for more details
55-year-old patient was looking to turn back the clock. Dr. Armenta performed a standard facelift. ...Click here for more details
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