When choosing breast implants, patients and their doctors will consider two primary options – silicone and saline. While there are benefits to both, tremendous growth in the silicone category has caused many plastic surgeons, including Dr. DeRoberts, to make this their preferred implant. There are several key benefits that make silicone the favorite among both patients and doctors.

The feel of silicone breast implants is very much like the feel of natural breast tissue. Its density and consistency are very comparable to natural tissue, and many patients claim that it feels just like their natural breasts.

Further, there are no distinct lines that can be felt along the edges of the implant, making it nearly impossible in many cases for someone to detect that an implant is present. Patients who are thin or have a very small cup size to begin with especially notice the smooth, seamless texture of silicone implants.

The risk of folds and ripples is significantly less with silicone. Unlike a fluid saline filler, silicone will not settle into another position, causing a dip or rippling effect. There is also no risk of deflation, which is a common concern with saline.

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