Body Lift for Men

Body contouring is a series of surgical cosmetic procedures designed to enhance and improve the overall shape of the body. Surgeries may include abdominal etching, bicep and tricep implants, body fat transfers, body implants, body lift, bra-line back lift, butt implants, calf implants, cellulite removal, labiaplasty, panniculectomy, and spider vein removal.

Abdominal etching is a sculpting surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin. Underlying abdominal muscles are revealed as a toned and defined six-pack.

Bicep, tricep, and calf implants add increased mass and muscular definition to upper arms and lower legs. Soft silicone material is used to improve the look and feel of these muscle groups without extra time at the gym.

Fat transfers are a non-allergenic and bio-compatible way to improve the contours of your body without silicone or saline. Post-operative complications and the chances of implant rejection are reduced, while disproportionate features are touched up and rounded out. This type of surgery can be used in conjunction with implants or lift.

Body lift surgery tightens and tones after a variety of life-changing events. Those that experience massive weight loss, childbearing, or the normal effects of aging may benefit from body lift surgery that contours the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Butt implants are becoming more common with the rise of celebrity figures that have curvy behinds. Pants and jeans look and fit better with a fuller, rounder bottom.

Often patients are at the perfect weight for their shape and frame, but still find themselves fighting stubborn cellulite. Cellulite can result from hormonal changes and surface treatments do little to remedy the skin texture. Cellulite removal surgery is a definitive way to improve the contour and shape of upper thighs.

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