Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction?

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Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure designed to change the size, shape or symmetry of their natural breasts. Reconstruction is a popular procedure after dramatic and traumatizing therapy due to cancer treatment or trauma. It is also popular with women that have overly large or very small breasts and want to improve their self-esteem and quality of life with a superior size or shape. Be sure to openly and candidly discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon before entering the operating theatre. This will help to ensure the results are satisfactory and long-lasting.

Breast Reconstruction Before & After

  • Before-Breast Reconstruction
    After-Breast Reconstruction
    Before Breast Reconstruction After
  • Before-BreastReconstruction
    Before BreastReconstruction After
  • Before-BreastReconstruction
    Before BreastReconstruction After

It is important to keep in mind that there are a variety of serious side effects and risks that must be considered when thinking about this cosmetic procedure. Although rare, complications such as increasing pain, alterations in nipple and breast sensation due to nerve damage, extensive scarring, infection, asymmetry, rupture, leakage or a combination of any of the above may occur. Many doctors recommend following up with regular MRIs to rule out leakage or rupture.

Also, If you are looking to have new or fixed nipples, Dr. Armetna provides nipple and areola tattooing. This procedure allows those who have none or disformed nipples to have them colored and fixed to a normal looking state.

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