Both Juvederm and Restylane are FDA-approved hyaluronic-acid dermal fillers that can be easily injected under the skin. Both brands are known to provide lasting results. There are minor technical differences between these hyaluronic-based products.

Restylane is one of the more cohesive dermal fillers and tends to stay where it is placed. It needs to be carefully molded once injected.

The cohesive properties of Restylane can be used to build up the face in a way that Juvederm simply cannot. This is especially visible in the lower eyelids and under the eyes. Juvederm can readily drift when injected in large quantities around this area. This does not happen with Restylane.

Juvederm XC diffuses into the tissue faster because it is less viscous. This is an advantage for wrinkles. Doctors who are not prepared to mold and work with the filler once it is in the tissue tend to prefer Juvederm XC.

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