The abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a highly effective plastic surgery procedure that targets the stomach area. Like many other types of plastic surgery, patients and their surgeons are discovering that they can get even better results when combining the procedure with abdominal muscle tightening. Troublesome issues in that area of the body, such as loose, sagging skin, stretch marks, and excess fat can all be virtually eliminated through the combination of both surgeries. When contemplating a procedure like this, there are a number of benefits to consider.

First, combining two cosmetic surgeries often makes sense from a scheduling perspective. The patient will have one recovery period, instead of two. That means less downtime and interruption in his or her social schedule. Patients who work full-time appreciate only having to take time off on one occasion, instead of twice.

It’s also much more appealing to have just one recovery period. Patients know to expect some discomfort after plastic surgery, so why not go through that experience just once?

Abdominal muscle tightening is a positive addition to any abdominoplasty because it delivers better results. Most notably, women who have had children may struggle with a so-called pouch in the lower belly area. This results from the widening or separation of the ab muscles during pregnancy, which is very common. This can be corrected by combining these two ab-focused procedures into one comprehensive surgery.

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