Once you’ve scheduled your cosmetic surgery, it’s time to start planning for the recovery period. After arriving home, you’ll want someone nearby to keep you company and help out with simple requests. There are plenty of ways you can prepare your recovery space to make yourself more comfortable. These must-have items will make the experience better:

1) Filled Prescriptions – Most patients need an antibiotic and pain medication following their cosmetic surgery. Have these prescriptions filled in advance so you won’t have to worry about it the day of the procedure.

2) Pillows and Blankets – It’s likely that you’ll be off your feet for several days after the procedure, so make sure you have plenty of pillows and blankets nearby so that you’ll be cozy and comfortable.

3) Gel Ice Packs – These flexible ice packs mold to the contours of your body, making it easy to use them wherever you may be sore or swollen.

4) Entertainment – It’s important to stay entertained while resting in the days following the procedure. Consider buying a new book, some magazines, a TV series on DVD, or other forms of entertainment that you can enjoy while staying off your feet.

5) Comfort Foods – Broth-based soups, crackers, and ginger ale are all favorite foods to have nearby. Smoothies are also a good pick because they pack a lot of nutrients and require little effort to prepare. Make sure you have bendable straws on hand to consume plenty of liquids, which will aid in your healing.