Facial Contouring

73-year-old patient was unhappy with her \"smoker lines\" and pre-jowls and wanted an overall natural facial rejuvenation. Brandon Crandall NP used multiple syringes of dermal filler in order to...Click here for more details
This 61-year-old female wanted a smoother, rejuvinated look to her face. Dr. Enrique Armenta decided to use Sculptra to achieve "mid-face filling" for this patient. He did 2 different injections,...Click here for more details
This 41-year-old female wanted a rejuvenated look and to fill in under her eyes. Dr. Enrique Armenta, used Juvederm to achieve this. After Photo is 2 weeks post...Click here for more details
This 42-year-old male wanted to fill in the hollow look under his eye. Dr. Armenta used Juvederm filler to achieve this look with the after picture one month post...Click here for more details
This 38 year old female wanted a straighter bridge on her nose with out surgery. Dr. Armenta achieved this look by using Restylane filler, same day in...Click here for more details
This is a 38-year-old female who wanted the bridge of her nose to be more of a straight line. Dr. Armenta did this by injecting Juvederm filler into the area, a "non surgical" way of...Click here for more details
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