Breast Reconstruction

69-year-old woman who had left breast reconstruction done by Dr. Armenta. A tissue expander was placed. She later had expander removed and replaced with a silicone...Click here for more details
54-year-old woman with bilateral breast reconstruction done by Dr. Armenta, using an implant size of 500cc. Patient presented with malignancy in left breast, and chose to have double mastectomy...Click here for more details
63-year-old woman who presented with malignancy on the right breast. Dr. Armenta performed breast reconstruction with bilateral sub-pectoral implants of...Click here for more details
52-year-old female presents with malignancy of the left breast. Patient chose to do a unilateral breast reconstruction. Dr. Armenta used a 345 cc silicone implant under her...Click here for more details
57-year-old woman presents with cancer on left breast. Dr. Armenta performed a bilateral breast reconstruction, done the same day of the mastectomy with immediate silicone implants in one step...Click here for more details
47-year-old female with malignancy of left breast. Prior to her cancer, both breasts were very droopy (ptosis). To correct this appearance, a breast lift was also accomplished during the...Click here for more details
54-year-old female with malignancy of the left breast. Mastectomy with very large breast required for both breasts, and reduction of breast size. Bilateral reconstruction of nipple and areolas....Click here for more details
61-year-old female with right breast cancer. Prior to surgery she had very droopy breasts (ptosis). With the mastectomy, both nipples and areolas were removed . Reconstruction was done in 1-step...Click here for more details
This 66-year-old woman had breast cancer in her left breast. During bilateral mastectomies the nipples and areolas were removed. Immediate reconstruction was done with silicone implants. The...Click here for more details
This 62-year-old woman had breast cancer in her right breast. She opted for bilateral mastectomies and during that surgery nipples were removed. She desired to have perkier breasts than before her...Click here for more details
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