Breast Reconstruction

Patient underwent breast cancer reconstructive surgery with Dr. ManriqueClick here for more details
Breast reconstruction performed by Dr. DeRoberts.Click here for more details
Breast reconstruction performed by Dr. DeRoberts. Click here for more details
This women presented with malignancy of her right breast. Post mastectomy, Dr. DeRoberts performed bilateral reconstruction. Many women choose surgery to remove an entire breast to treat or...Click here for more details
This patient had cancer in her right breast followed by bilateral breast reconstruction with Dr. DeRoberts....Click here for more details
This 50-year-old woman had cancer in her right breast. She had started with very large breasts. She desired reduction of her breast size during the reconstruction. The general surgeon removed both...Click here for more details
This 62-year-old woman had breast cancer in her right breast. She opted for bilateral mastectomies and during that surgery nipples were removed. She desired to have perkier breasts than before her...Click here for more details
This 66-year-old woman had breast cancer in her left breast. During bilateral mastectomies the nipples and areolas were removed. Immediate reconstruction was done with silicone implants. The...Click here for more details
61-year-old female with right breast cancer. Prior to surgery she had very droopy breasts (ptosis). With the mastectomy, both nipples and areolas were removed . Reconstruction was done in 1-step...Click here for more details
54-year-old female with malignancy of the left breast. Mastectomy with very large breast required for both breasts, and reduction of breast size. Bilateral reconstruction of nipple and areolas....Click here for more details
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